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Take some blood, tattoo my skin and stretch my ears but cut my hair too short and I shall cry and cry like there is no tomorrow! Ever since I was a little girl my auntie would play with my hair, she would plait it, curl it, put it in pig tails and ballerina bun’s all the time. I could never imagine having short hair, I am simply terrified of the thought! It is safe to say my hair is my shield, it brings my confidence and happiness in ways you could never imagine, as dramatic as it may seem!  I have never been afraid to change the colour of my hair and have recently been heading towards becoming a ginger! I am super excited, it has taken a few attempts and requires regular top ups, I also find it is forever changing shade but I can live with that, as you can see from my old post I used to be a quite dark brunette and after years of dying my hair black it wasn’t to easy to achieve a lighter colour.

But anyway here’s what it’s looking like at the moment!


 It still has hints of brown, due my natural hair colour being so dark but I enjoy the different shades it gives a more natural feel to the colour!  I am very happy with the current colour of my hair, whilst dying it to this colour I accidently went a crazy shade which completely did not match my skin tone! Be careful when changing the colour of your hair as it is important that it sits well with your skin tone and that your happy with it.

“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous red head.” 

-Lucille Ball


Klarissa Red Suede

Despite the fact I’ve had these babies for a while now they still remain in their box due the fact I am too scared and nervous to wear them out of the house! Last month whilst browsing in the sales  I purchased a few pairs of shoes one being a dream pair of KG Kurt Geiger’s! And I thought it was time I reveled them to the world, in picture form of course!



Devil red. thick heel, deep platform and to die for, even though I had to go a size up due to low stock I’m fine with a bit of tissue in the front which is a small sacrifice for such beauties and at a steal of £40 you can’t complain! ! I’m not quite sure when I will pluck up the courage to take them out of the house but until that wonderful day I shall continue to admire them from the safe indoors! It’s safe to say I shall be keeping my eye our for future KG deals! 


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January Blues

Well that’s it all spent up for the month and having to wait till pay day, however I can’t complain as I have treated myself an awful lots in this years January sales (including none sale items oops) as you may have seen in my recent post. In total (so far) I have gained 3 new pairs of shoes, 2 skirts, 2 tops, 2 dresses and a gift for a loved one. I am unsure of the grand total cost and dread to think! So anyway I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at some of my new items!


I don’t want to show you too much just yet so here are my favorite of the sales!

Urban Outfitters

Sparkle & Fade Galaxy Skirt – £30 £15

Truly Madly Deeply Elephant Tee – £30 £10


Floral Dress – £65 £20

Chunky Knit Cardigan – £52 £25


Enjoi Tee – £24.99 £19.99 (A treat for the boyfriend)


Three Buckle Brown Heel – £30 £15

Jeffery Campbell

Brooklyn Tbar Wedge Grey Suede Natural Heel – £115 £40

Kurt Geiger

KG Kurt Geiger Klarissa Red Suede – £140 £40

leather skirt1

As you can see some great deals found this month! Including my new and beloved Jeffery Campbell’s as featured in my previous post, a review of my new Kurt Geiger heels will be up shortly! If only pay day wasn’t so far away my bargain hunting would never stop! Let me know if you”ve found any must have items at a steal this year, What’s your best sale find?!


Black & Gold

With it being the January sales like any red blooded female I took full advantage of the bargains (Sales Haul coming soon) and in this little post I will be showing of my new shoes, not just any shoes but a pair of Jeffery Cambell’s! When browsing online I stumbled across the Office sale and found myself in heaven with the crazy prizes some shoes had been reduced to! I couldn’t resits myself for buying a pair at a steal of £40 reduced down from £120! 


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve never tried a pair of heelless shoes before and normally just stick with a classic black heel so thought seen as I was treating myself I may as well go all out! To my surprise these beauties are extremely comfortable, and didn’t cause any of the common girl issues on a night out that heels are infamous for!I must admit the sawed was a little dark than I expected which threw me off guard however  one they where on my feet I fell in love! I couldn’t help but feel a little rock`n`roll with these with the whole no heel business so decided to rock up the look with a TopShop leather skirt (which is Natalia’s check out her blog, studded vintage clutch and baggy tee! 



Wither it’s finding a bargain like myself or paying full price after pay day every girl need a solid pair of Jeffery Cambell’s in their life!

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After a day at the office or a day out all a girl wants to do is take off her make up and relax. I’m one of those who hates sleeping with my make up, not only that but if it been on for too long my face starts to irritate. Therefore finding the cleansing routine was essential to myself, I feel that every girl needs to find the right skin care products to suit them and there skin type. For me I always have and always will be a No7 girl! 

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAFancy make up wipes have never really been a concern of mine seen as I have quite good skin which I am very luck with and can therefore save the pennies by using Tesco Everyday Value wipes which work just as well as the big brands. As I reviewed in a previous post each night I use my No7 toner which I adore, so decided that along with the toner I would begin to use the matching No7 Make Up remover which I am very impressed with each time I  come to use it. I thought I’d invest in some trusty Simple Cleansing lotion however I must admit I am a little disappointed with this product due the amount of lotion you have to use to get an even coverage but never the less leaves your skin feeling great. 

 So after finding these great products that suite me I thought I’d show you just how well they really work on a day to day basis.

So here is my everyday make up –

Before + AfterTo create this every day natural look here are the products I use …. 


So to take all of this of I use my four make up removing, face cleansing weapons, and the results are in …

Before + After1

Yes that is my duck onesie I am wearing! So here we are, make up free, ready for bed and skin feeling fresh and ever so smooth! 

I hope you’ve all found the right routine and products for you! X

Laid Bare


Back in October on my trip to Paris and the one and only Sephora, I picked up a little treat along the way. The famous Urban Decay – Naked Pallet! Even though I purchased the  pallet a few months back, it was to be wrapped up for father Christmas! Since Christmas day my life has been completed!

The elegant pallet includes 12 shades of eye shadow, ranging from natural tones to a bit of sparkle with a twist of rock and roll. That is one of the beauties of the Naked Pallet in offers eye shadows for every personality, mood and individual. Priced at around £36 the orginal Urban Decay – Naked Pallet is a must have in every girls make up kit.


The kit comes with a eye shadow brush and a eye shadow primer, to use as your base. I have mixed and matched with the shades, and have found that “Sin” is currently my personal favourite shade. On it’s own it is a fantastic everyday shade for a brighter eye, but once built up with a darker base makes the perfect smokey effect.

Girls all I can say is save your spending money and get your hands on this as soon as possible!


Feeling Festive

Happy New Year!

Even though Christmas and New Year has come and gone I shall still be posting a little festive post! I love Christmas however in my household it has a different name, Birthmas! The reason for this is that along with the Christmas celebrations, my birthday is on the 25th of December.

Birthmas 2012I spent Christmas day in a little black number and my new kitten slippers! The dress was a present from Santa, TopShop skater style. Who know Santa loved TopShop too!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI also dyed my hair, on the way to being a ginger, YAAAY!

I hope everyone had a lovely Birthmas! When New Years Eve arrived so did the sequins! Early December I took a trip to Medow Hall and couldn’t help but splash out on a gorgeous green sequin, long sleeved Motel Rocks dress! At first I did want to leave the house in my Converse but the dress deserves much more!


If you’re struggling to spend your Christmas money get onto the Motel Rocks site!

Best Wishes for 2013



Casual Friday’s at work are the best, each Friday requires no effort at all; stumble out of bed and throw on the nearest band Tee Shirt you see. It’s a nice break from the pencil skirts and fitted dresses!


This Friday it was a medium men’s Miike Snow tee that rocked the office, such a comfy top! With December upon us just leggings and a tee would be a little bit insane so being sensible I added the chunkiest and warmest carddie my wardrobe could offer.


Too ensure I was warm from this bitter December I went all out and added my ear muffs! Which I recently bought over the weekend after several months of complaining ove the fact my ears may fall off, If you have any intentions of staying warm this winter then I heavily recommend a pair of ear muffs!


Here I am very much enjoying warm ears! X

Lady in Velvet

I have a thing for velvet clothing, I never would of imagined it but since accidently stumbling across a velvet dress in a charity shop early this year the velvet craze has continued! With the festival season coming upon us nothing fits better than a warm velvet item of clothing! 

This dress caught my eye, coming in a range of colours including deep purple and royal blue the simple skater fit dress with side slit details in green is just what I was looking for with even realising! A simple skater fitted dress can be flattering for all figure types and easily dress up or down for any event! 

It is more than likely I will be accidently filling my wardrobe with more velvet pieces! 


As you all know me and my friend Jessica make sure we go out for a nice meal together once a month, last night we went to our local Italian restaurant and had a lovely time!

I went for a dark liquid eye liner and thick lashes to make my eyes stand out; a natural tan glow foundation and bronzer allowed to leave the attention on my defined eye make up. A natural lipstick to add some natural colour and life to my lips. After just finishing work I pretty much just left my hair in the same state it had been in all day, quick dropped out curls.

I wore a reworked vintage Ralph Lauren  shirt/dress from Cow, they have a lot of dresses this style I tried so many on and will certainly be investing it more of them when payday arrives! Some of them are odd fittings and would recommend you to try it on before buying, once you’ve got the right size the fit is incredibly comfortable!  

I finally got my hands on a pair of Chelsea Boots and I love them, I haven’t had them off my feet since purchasing! I did originally want the black and burgundy Chelsea Boots but no River Island in the UK seemed to have my size so I went for they spotted grey instead and I love them just a much, Chelsea Boots are a must have for the winter! I grabbed this  navy blue, thin strapped shoulder bag from a charity shop last year  which is great for event like this.

We did go for the full works a three course meal with a bottle of wine! It’s lovely to have friends you’re never without! X