Floral Sleeve

This S/S is all about denim, dungarees and pinafores, the school girl and farmer look is what it’s all about! I’ve always loved a classic farmer look as you all know but this season it’s getting a complete make over. Back in February I took one of many trips to the wonderful COW, which as I’ve mentioned in previous post is a vintage clothing & accessories store that sells one of pieces both classic and reworked! They currently have stores in Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham and Nottingham; if you are in or near either of these cities I suggest you go and see what it’s all about. However don’t worry if not they have an online store to www.wearecow.com   !

But anyway as I was saying, during my visit to COW (Sheffield) I couldn’t help but imminently notice the cute, denim dungarees in the window. As soon as I got them on (in the changing rooms) I didn’t want to take the off!


With them being from COW of course I didn’t get to try on different sizes it’s just a case of “if it fits” even though they are a tad too big around the waist it’s nothing a thin belt couldn’t fix! I love the washed out colour of the denim which goes well with all skin tones, and how comfy they are! By changing the style of top, blouse or shirt you wear underneath you can easily go from a casual look to a more made up look, again with the shoes. I think this outfit is going to be great in the summer for BBQ’s and parties!


I decided to add a casual floral Tee and a buckle heel  on this occasion, shorts and heels are a brilliant way to slim out and elongate short legs! (I’m barley 5ft). This very cute floral Tee is also from COW both purchased together as they do go perfectly hand in hand. Overall I am so excited for the nice weather to arrive so I can live in my dungarees however it does make a trip to the bathroom a little difficult but a small price to pay for such a wonderful piece of clothing! This is certainly going to be coming with me to Leeds Festival this year!

Rebekah XX

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