To catch the sparkle fading


It’s been a great 2013 so far, none stop weekends with loved ones, traveling to new places and making memories never to be forgotten. This weekend was no exception with a friends birthday to celebrate, all these outings require a new outfit each time (of course) never being one to lack in effort when it comes to that department I simply decided to sparkle. This sparkly blue number has been in my wardrobe since Christmas, it stood out to me in the shop and I had to have it, however it is rather figure hugging and can reveal a girls most unwanted areas therefore I have been waiting for a moment of confidence before taking it out. With it being such a standout piece the dress needed no extravagant accessories to dress it up just a something simple to complete the look, I went for my beloved long chain blue locket.



Tucked in at the waist moving into a classic skater lower half ,with a slightly scooped back and mid length arms, the dress really does expose the figure. However it did make me sparkle on the dance floor!

Labels: Topshop: Jeffery Cambell


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