Homemade Hearts

I know Valentine’s day has been and gone but I was away for the weekend with my other half having the most lovely time as always! Myself and Ryan have always been more of a homemade kind of couple, never been ones for fancy gifts or price tags more crafted, thought and charm. So this romantic holiday was no exception.


I love arts & Crafts despite the fact I have never been great at it, everything is made with lots of love which is obviously the main thing. So my wonderful idea for Valentines was something very simple yet beautiful, I took a trip to my favorite craft department found in the far corner of Oswaldtwistle Mills (the only attraction the village has to offer) and hand picked some lovely paper, I am very weird with my paper I love it almost as much as I love clothes! I also picked up some fancy pens, string and a pack of jumbo playing cards; the playing cards are the main thing! You see my idea was to make a little book from the playing cards entitled “52 Reasons I Love You” I know I’m a sucker for love!


Step 1 – Hole punch each card on one side creating two holes.

Step 2 – Make a list of 52 things you love about them.

Step 3 – Write, print, stamp, however you like the one reason on each card.

Step 4 – Thread the string through the stack of cards and tie in a bow.

Step 5 – Gift wrap and send to your loved one!


I’m very pleased to say that Ryan loved his gift and card (Homemade of course!) I hope everyone had a lovely day wither it was spent with friends, family or that special someone! 

Lots of love! XXX


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