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Take some blood, tattoo my skin and stretch my ears but cut my hair too short and I shall cry and cry like there is no tomorrow! Ever since I was a little girl my auntie would play with my hair, she would plait it, curl it, put it in pig tails and ballerina bun’s all the time. I could never imagine having short hair, I am simply terrified of the thought! It is safe to say my hair is my shield, it brings my confidence and happiness in ways you could never imagine, as dramatic as it may seem!  I have never been afraid to change the colour of my hair and have recently been heading towards becoming a ginger! I am super excited, it has taken a few attempts and requires regular top ups, I also find it is forever changing shade but I can live with that, as you can see from my old post I used to be a quite dark brunette and after years of dying my hair black it wasn’t to easy to achieve a lighter colour.

But anyway here’s what it’s looking like at the moment!


 It still has hints of brown, due my natural hair colour being so dark but I enjoy the different shades it gives a more natural feel to the colour!  I am very happy with the current colour of my hair, whilst dying it to this colour I accidently went a crazy shade which completely did not match my skin tone! Be careful when changing the colour of your hair as it is important that it sits well with your skin tone and that your happy with it.

“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous red head.” 

-Lucille Ball


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