Black & Gold

With it being the January sales like any red blooded female I took full advantage of the bargains (Sales Haul coming soon) and in this little post I will be showing of my new shoes, not just any shoes but a pair of Jeffery Cambell’s! When browsing online I stumbled across the Office sale and found myself in heaven with the crazy prizes some shoes had been reduced to! I couldn’t resits myself for buying a pair at a steal of £40 reduced down from £120! 


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve never tried a pair of heelless shoes before and normally just stick with a classic black heel so thought seen as I was treating myself I may as well go all out! To my surprise these beauties are extremely comfortable, and didn’t cause any of the common girl issues on a night out that heels are infamous for!I must admit the sawed was a little dark than I expected which threw me off guard however  one they where on my feet I fell in love! I couldn’t help but feel a little rock`n`roll with these with the whole no heel business so decided to rock up the look with a TopShop leather skirt (which is Natalia’s check out her blog, studded vintage clutch and baggy tee! 



Wither it’s finding a bargain like myself or paying full price after pay day every girl need a solid pair of Jeffery Cambell’s in their life!

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