After a day at the office or a day out all a girl wants to do is take off her make up and relax. I’m one of those who hates sleeping with my make up, not only that but if it been on for too long my face starts to irritate. Therefore finding the cleansing routine was essential to myself, I feel that every girl needs to find the right skin care products to suit them and there skin type. For me I always have and always will be a No7 girl! 

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAFancy make up wipes have never really been a concern of mine seen as I have quite good skin which I am very luck with and can therefore save the pennies by using Tesco Everyday Value wipes which work just as well as the big brands. As I reviewed in a previous post each night I use my No7 toner which I adore, so decided that along with the toner I would begin to use the matching No7 Make Up remover which I am very impressed with each time I  come to use it. I thought I’d invest in some trusty Simple Cleansing lotion however I must admit I am a little disappointed with this product due the amount of lotion you have to use to get an even coverage but never the less leaves your skin feeling great. 

 So after finding these great products that suite me I thought I’d show you just how well they really work on a day to day basis.

So here is my everyday make up –

Before + AfterTo create this every day natural look here are the products I use …. 


So to take all of this of I use my four make up removing, face cleansing weapons, and the results are in …

Before + After1

Yes that is my duck onesie I am wearing! So here we are, make up free, ready for bed and skin feeling fresh and ever so smooth! 

I hope you’ve all found the right routine and products for you! X


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