As you all know me and my friend Jessica make sure we go out for a nice meal together once a month, last night we went to our local Italian restaurant and had a lovely time!

I went for a dark liquid eye liner and thick lashes to make my eyes stand out; a natural tan glow foundation and bronzer allowed to leave the attention on my defined eye make up. A natural lipstick to add some natural colour and life to my lips. After just finishing work I pretty much just left my hair in the same state it had been in all day, quick dropped out curls.

I wore a reworked vintage Ralph Lauren  shirt/dress from Cow, they have a lot of dresses this style I tried so many on and will certainly be investing it more of them when payday arrives! Some of them are odd fittings and would recommend you to try it on before buying, once you’ve got the right size the fit is incredibly comfortable!  

I finally got my hands on a pair of Chelsea Boots and I love them, I haven’t had them off my feet since purchasing! I did originally want the black and burgundy Chelsea Boots but no River Island in the UK seemed to have my size so I went for they spotted grey instead and I love them just a much, Chelsea Boots are a must have for the winter! I grabbed this  navy blue, thin strapped shoulder bag from a charity shop last year  which is great for event like this.

We did go for the full works a three course meal with a bottle of wine! It’s lovely to have friends you’re never without! X


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