Knitted Petals

Well winter is well and truly on it’s way and I am freezing; it’s time for knitted jumpers, thick socks and wooly hats even on nights out!

Last night I braved the cold, I brought out some autumn prints and clashed with dark knit wear and ankle boots! I must admit it felt nice being able to mix knit wear with nights out, despite the cold I am a lover of winter.

Topshop knitted cropped jumper, oversize as usual I have a habit of buying clothes 2 to 3 sizes bigger for a baggy look and comfort! I Homemade printed skirt which has a print which is perfect for both spring and autumn! I couldn’t bring myself to get my toes out in this weather so it was socks and New Look ankle boots for me!

With the skirt being homemade it does have a dodgy waste band but it goes with everything! My lovely badge box bag and love heart socks to clash with my plum boots! You may be able to see my nails this is the first time I have ever had my nails done and I am rather impressed! Forever wearing my “i love you” locket and Leeds wristbands! 

I am keeping my eye out for some subtle prints this season along with deep colours. It’s also time to get out the hot water bottles and bed socks! 

Keep warm! X


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