Through The Looking Glass

 Recently all I’ve pretty much done is work, not very exciting but it has lead to a little promotion to Team Leader! Yaay! I hope everyone is doing well wither it be at work, university, college or school!  With most of my work being computer based my eyes have suffered a little and as a result I have some brand new glasses. I’ve never wore glasses before or even had an eye test until now, but it turns out you can get some pretty snazzy glasses these days! 

I got two pairs, two very different frames and styles which I could Mix`n`Match throughout the week and too match my outfits!

The first pair are classic rectangular framed stained orange (my favorite colour); with a pretty curled pattern across the temples. These are glasses for when I am feeling very serious at work to go with a more classic pencil skirt and blouse look.

The second pair are a big thick pair of nerd glasses! For when i’m feeling a little bit more silly or want to make more of a statement, these glasses also with the work wear but are also perfect for dress down Friday’s!

I never thought I would ever need glasses, but I do love both pairs and feel they are new accessories to help make me stand out and of course see my computer screen better without any headaches!

Work hard & Play hard! X


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