Hallowed be thy name

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had fun dressing up and eating lots of sweets even if Halloween isn’t until Wednesday my brother has certainly eaten enough sweets! I didn’t really plan on going for Halloween until last minute so I had to improvise with the eye liner and went for a classic cat! It was very fun I have to admit!

  I did have ears but I only got them once I had left the house and met up with some friends in town! The rest of my make up a side from the cat whiskers consist of my every day foundation by Rimmel London, black and grey eye shadow both No7 along with my new No7 lipstick.

I love this little black dress from TopShop, it’s a really fun dress with a touch of side detail to make it stand out. The shoes! Are amazing and very comfortable! Ziped at the back, with a laced up look at the front and a wood effect heel, I danced all night in these!

What ever you got up to or what ever you have planned I hope everyone has lots of fun, I can’t wait for Wednesday to go trick or treating with my little cousins!

Hallowed be thy name – “your name be holy or sacred” X


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