Paris – Day 2

Once we had a good nights sleep, we woke up nice and early and headed out for a day of activities! Like I mentioned in my last post, this we my second time visiting Paris and to be honest I was very surprised at how well I remembered my way around! We spent the first half of the day walking around The Louvre! This was completely amazing!

Growing my grandaddy has always been paining and drawing, therefore I have always been interested and amazed by art! Regardless to wither or not you are an art lover The Louvre is a must when in Paris! When we arrived we was thrilled to discover that for a limited period of time the Raphael exhibit was on show; I am not going to lie I did nearly cry! Along with the stunning site of the famous Mona Lisa!

After a wondering afternoon in the museum we jumped on the metro and headed for the one and only Eiffel Tower! Being terrified of heights I am not so sure I managed to go right to the top, but I am very glad I made myself do it and the view was amazing!

We spent a full 12 hours on our feet that day, but it was worth it! After such an eventful day a pizza and bottle of wine was just what we needed!

What I Wore –

Before my trip I ordered this Vintage dress off Cow ( which has some amazing vintage clothes online! I adore this dress, buttons all the way up with such a beautiful detailed collar and butterfly cut sleeves! It’s a dress for the day and evening and will certainly be worn to death!

Paris Day 3, won’t be long! X



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