Paris -Day 1

So this weekend I went on a little trip across the channel to Paris! This was the second time I’ve traveled to the romantic city, this time the occasion was  Natalia’s 19th birthday!

We checked into Manchester airport in the morning with only a few minor hiccups and headed into the waiting lounge. We enjoyed a lovely lunch along with a few drinks as we couldn’t resist the 2 drinks for £5 deal!  The  hour and a half flight was rather enjoyable even if I did fall asleep pretty much right away. I love flying, airplane is by far my favorite  means of transport! 

As I mentioned this was my second visit to Paris, once we arrived at the other side it was pretty hectic  from the airport, traveling on the metro/train and finding the hostel. Can’t say the hostel was very nice but we didn’t mind as we only slept there really! Once we arrived it was around 7.30pm so we got changed and headed out for something to eat. Despite being in France we went to a little Thai restaurant. The food we beautiful, along with the wines! 

What I wore – 

To travel in I just wore a cosy baggy topshop jumper, which is incredible comfortable; with a pair of leggings and my new very warm and comfy new African patterned boots! 


For the evening meal I changed into a silk feel, abstracted patterned teal zip dress with a belt to pin in the waist line! I threw on my leather jacket and vans to make the look a little more casual.


Paris Day 2, coming soon! X


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