Over the weekend when visiting Ryan in Sheffield I did some shopping and these three No7 products were certainly my biggest bargain! My mum recently gave me some vouchers to use in boots on any No7 make up product and skin care product, there also happened to a 3 for 2 offer on at the same time! So for £9 (yes £9) I a Soft & Soothed gentale toner, a Stay Perfect lipstick shade Grace and a Stay Perfect nail varnish shade Blackcurrant.

I’ve been using the toner for the past few days since purchasing and  already my skin feels more hydrated. The matte lipstick is such a beautiful dark colour ready for the autumn looks (Grace) I was originally looking for a purple but couldn’t find one, I then spotted this and fell in love! It is tricky to apply if in a rush, take a little time and care (might just be my lip shape) to get the best result. Like I mentioned in an earlier post I am loving the deep purples this season so this Blackcurrant nail varnish was perfect! I would upload a picture of it on actual nails but I am currently in the process of growing my nails!

£9 well spent! X


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