Love Train

This weekend was VERY exciting, straight after work I headed down to the train station and caught the 19.10 train to York! However York was not my destination, after an hour an a half on the York train I transferred at Leeds and got on the next train to Sheffield! I have never caught the train all by myself before therefore I was a little scared, but I needn’t worry after three hours of travelling I arrived safely and was greeted by Ryan, who I hadn’t seen since he moved to university! 

We had such an amazing weekend, a mini tour around Sheffield, LOTS of food, shopping and most importantly lots of love! Since moving Ryan hasn’t eaten much due to the lack of kettle and being a boy, so being the wonderful girlfriend I am, I bought him a very nice kettle and we ate like kings the entire weekend!  

I completely didn’t think to take my camera with me, I will certainly be doing next time!  A side from the obvious of seeing my boyfriend, I adore all the water features around Sheffield especially outside the train station, I decided not to take pictures this time as I didn’t feel my iPhone camera would do them justice! 

Like I said earlier Ryan and I ate very well over the weekend, with a cheeky take away when I arrived late Friday, and a lovely evening meal at the WeatherSpoons on Saturday which I enjoyed greatly as I love going out for meals just the two of us, and a pub lunch on Sunday at a small pub called The Museum. 

I had such a wonderful weekend and can’t wait to go to Sheffield again soon to see more of the city and of course see my boyfriend whom I miss terribly! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and spent it with those who mean the most to them!

See You Soon PP! XX 


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