Frankie & Benny’s

Last night was a lovely surprise, as soon as I finished work my friend Jessica rang me and asked if I would like to go out for something to eat with her and Courtney. We try to go out for a meal together at least once a month and Frankie & Benny’s is our favorite!  

We didn’t get there till rather late but it was worth the wait! I had the blue mushroom starter and the cajun chicken calzone for my main, I didn’t plan on getting a desert but ended up sharing sticky toffee pancakes with Courtney! Each time I go to F&B I can’t help but drown my food in their beautiful balsamic vinger, i should really just buy some of my own! 


Me and Courtney ate the desert before I got to take a picture, I did the same with my starter but quickly remembered! 

I’m sure most people have been to Frankie & Benny’s but if you haven’t I strongly recommend you try it out! What a lovely way to start my week and the 1st of October!

I hope everyone has a good week and month! X


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