Sun kissed

I haven’t been out in months but last night I hit the town of Accrington (not the best place in the world) and it was a surprisingly really good night! The company was fantastic, the music was o’right and the drinks kept coming! I can’t lie though my favorite part of any night out is the getting ready.  A night out was needed after my teary byebye earlier on, as my boyfriend is moving 65 miles away for university!

I adore this outfit and it’s simplistically! I would love to tell you that I own it but unfortunately I can’t do that as it is completely borrowed from my friends wardrobe of my dreams! Mermaid skirt, crop T-Shirt , black velvet shoes and necklace (which is mine) all from TopShop and all on my wish list!  

I don’t wear fake tan very often but I thought i’d go all out, I just used an instant tan  sun kissed, sun light bronze  from bodycare £3.99, it’s really good for when you’re in a hurry and want a natural tan glow. 

I hope everyone had a fun weekend! X


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