Emergency equipment

As an average 18 year old girl money is often tight and make up is always an essential! Last week I was scraping the last drops out of my MaxFactor foundation which is my usual buy at £12.99 which isn’t bad for a quality product, however at the time I simply didn’t have £13 to spend on foundation. So on my budget I went for a £2.99 Natural collection foundation (shade Porcelain) and a £1.99 waterGaurd mascara (black). Due to the very low prices I wasn’t expecting great results and thought the product would do until I could buy my preferred labels, however to my surprise both foundation and mascara were great! The foundation looks a little watery at first but applies really well (I used a Fraulein 3o8 foundation brush to apply), the foundation went really well with my skin tone, leaving a soft and evening coverage. The mascara grabs the lashes, leaving them look longer, darker and thicker which is a lot from a £1.99 product!! 

I would certainly recommend these Natural Collection products to those on a budget and in need of some trusty make up!

Sorry for the poor quality of photo, my camera needs new batteries! X


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