Sun kissed

I haven’t been out in months but last night I hit the town of Accrington (not the best place in the world) and it was a surprisingly really good night! The company was fantastic, the music was o’right and the drinks kept coming! I can’t lie though my favorite part of any night out is the […]

Lockets of Love

Keeping love ones close to your heart. As I’ve mentioned before I received a beautiful gold locket of my grandma for my 18th birthday, and despite it being bad luck to wear an empty locket I took my time with putting in some pictures.  I thought such a beautiful locket deserves to be filled with beautiful pictures, so I searched through […]

Autumn Wish list

The sun has officially gone and it’s time to plan out the autumn wardrobe; I love the sort of weather when wearing a thick jumper keeps you not too hot and not too cold! Here are a few items I’ve got my eye on for the autumn season.  Let’s start with the beautiful mix’n’match print dress which is […]

They call it puppy love

    Bella and I have had lots of hugs since I got in from work along with an enjoyable walk around the park, despite the glumly weather.   I adore watching Bella run around in circles when out and about, although I do not quite adore the embarrassment when she attacks random strangers. We only went for a little walk […]

Emergency equipment

As an average 18 year old girl money is often tight and make up is always an essential! Last week I was scraping the last drops out of my MaxFactor foundation which is my usual buy at £12.99 which isn’t bad for a quality product, however at the time I simply didn’t have £13 to spend on […]