Red Swirl

Today I thought I would try something different, I rarely wear my hair up and I’m really short therefore I never wear long skirts but why no try something new?!

I stole this  full length, light weight skirt from my Auntie Sharron, I used to dress up in all her clothes when I was younger, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me having it! The skirt has a think elastic waist band which I fold over, stick in a safety pin and pull in with a skinny belt.  

I really like this burgundy swirl print Tee Shirt style top from TopShop £24 however I dislike to wear it with leggings due to mid length cut at the bottom and therefore tuck it in when possible. This real leather jacket was a bargain in the New Look sale for £23, I had to get the size up due to the tight fitting but I love it, it goes with dresses, skirts, shorts and leggings, I feel that a trusty leather jacket is a must have in every wardrobe. (Bag, neckless, belt & Vans from previous post)

Like I said earlier I don’t often wear my hair up but today I went for an offside messy ballerina bun, I really liked it and may start wearing it up more often.  



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