All in White

I’m sure everyone was out last night either celebrating their results or drowning their sorrows! 

For my evening of celebrating I wore this silk lined, boxed collar white mini dress; I spotted this dress on the mannequin in the window of the local Salvation Army charity shop,  luckily it was my size priced at £5 and I had to have it. The dress is beautiful on it’s own but I added a simple brown belt to help bring it in at the waste and to break up the white. 

I wore my favorite heels, black suede with a front platform from New Look £25 they are also surprisingly comfortable! This black clutch from river Island £15 has a snake sink effect and fits all the nights essentials, when I was shopping for the perfect clutch it only toke me a few hours and then ended up back in the first shop but I have no regrets on purchasing this. 

I curled my hair using GHD’s, I then pulled them to gather a waved look; for my make up I went for a soft bronze summer look using the Mac shimmer and Dior lipsick, for my eyes I picked a No.7 brown eye shadow palette with a black Rimmel pencil eyeliner and black mascara.

Hope everyone had a good night! X


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