The recovery position

“Unless I say otherwise, just assume I always love you”

More sunshine today yaay! Unfortunately I was unable to enjoy it as much as I would of liked due to a terrible hangover; last night I received a last minute invite to Tiger Lounge which is the local bar for me and my friends with a cheap student night on Tuesdays and Thursdays! So long story short I had fun and got drunk!. However a headache isn’t going to stop me getting out in the sun, me and my friend Natalia (check out her blog got a meal deal from Tesco and headed to Rhyddings park!

I wore a summer dress which I don’t wear as much as I should, I got it from Steals as we locals call it, which is a lot like a jumble sale where high street shops send any damaged or not fit for sale clothing which are then sold at crazy prices. This dress would of set me back £32 from Topshop however from Steals I got it for £5!!

Sun glasses where definitely needed today, one for the sun and also for the hangover, these cost me £15 from TopShop I love sunglasses! I wore my violet Vans, £45 from Remix and my beautiful golden locket my Grandma gave me for me 18th birthday!

At the park- I stuffed my face with a Tesco prawn salad which in my needed hangover food, and we went for a little wonder. 

Hope everyone is still loving the sun as much as I am, here are a few snap shots from the night before! X


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