The Wits


Good evening! What a beautiful day it has been and what a beautiful mood it has put me in! Today me and my friend Megan took advantage of the glorious sun shine and made plans to go for a picnic! Above is a little snapshot in the garden before Megan arrived, I am really impressed with my new make up brushes, so thought I’d show off the results. I went for my classic every day curls hair style, with a few slide clips and a simple white dress. Funny story about the dress, this little number was actually my prom dress two years ago it set me back a cracking £35 from Miss Selfridge  and I love it!

The dress had a beautiful soft leather butterfly collar with a V line back, the rest of the dress is a simple white underskirt and net, simple but beautiful for all occasions! I threw on my peach brogues from River Island £24 and my rucksack also River Island £25. Sunglasses were also packed!

We spent the day at Witton Park which is around a 20 minute drive from my house, the park was full of people old and young all enjoying the sunshine! Surprising me and Megan managed to rustle up a pretty impressive picnic to day none of us had any money or food in the house! We set up camp in a little spot on the main field of the park, we stuffed our faces and then went on a little walk around the park. Here are a few snapshots of the day! X

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun! X


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