Fraulein 3o8

I’ve been after some new make up brushes for a while now but didn’t want to pay too much as I don’t always wear make up. Before ordering/buying any make up brushes I spent a fair bit of time researching other blogs, watching YouTube reviews and looking at a range of brushes; in the end I decided on a 12 piece Fraulein 3o8 set!

 I selected this set as it was a very reasonable price of £7.99 on eBay, also throughout researching I found a large amount of very positive reviews on the set and brand. When delivered I think they were posted at the wrong address as a neighbour called round with them, regardless they were packaged well other than an odd bit of duck tape, never the less all the brushes were individually wrapped and in excellent condition. The brushes divide into four categories, powder, foundation, eyes and lips.

The powder brushes are really soft and protected with shaped plastic covers which help keep the bristles tight. The majority of the bristles are in place with only one or two odd ones out of place which I was a little disappointed with.

The main reason I wanted a new set of make up brushes was for a smaller foundation and concealer brush as I am currently using a large EcoTools foundation brush, which is excellent for an all round finish but tricky to use when covering smaller areas. The round foundation brush had softer bristles while the other two are quite stiff.

The set includes a useful rage of eye brushes, an eye shadow applicator, a crease, a smudger, and a angular brush. I was impressed with each of these brushes and there bristles!

I have wanted to try a lip brush to help gather a better finish when applying bright lipsticks, this 12pc set came with two applying brushes, one angular and one circular, accompanied with a lip liner brush.

I am currently satisfied with the products I ordered and I am therefore looking forward to using each brush, I shall upload a review when done so! x


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