Yesterday me and my friend Jane spent a lovely day and night together, in the day we just went for a little walk with Jane’s dog, unfortunately Bella was unable to join us on the walk as she is being a bit naughty this past week! Later on we arrived at mine and with a budget of £3.34 we headed to Tesco, above are the results of our budget, shopping spree of goodies (DVD not included). Friends With Benefits has been out for a while now but this was the first time I watched it, I really enjoyed it as I am a girl and always in favor of a typical romcom! Throughout the film between us me and Jane managed to demolish 95% of the treats, developing a rather large food baby! We would both recommend the new Smoked Monterrey Chilli With Goats Cheese Sensations at first they taste a little weird but the more you eat the more addicted you become and then suddenly they’re all gone! We had a really good night with some casual dancing later on; we are now currently watching Juno and have just finished a meat feast pizza! Successful sleepover! X


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