Over the weekend me and my wonderful boyfriend Ryan got a craving for PANCAKES! I had never made pancakes from scratch before therefore was very excited to try it and my boyfriend was very excited to eat them! We got the recipe from BBC Good Food   ( )which I use often when baking; I was very surprised with how simple the ingredients and the entire thing was and couldn’t believe I had never made homemade pancakes before with all the ingredients sitting in the cupboard regularly. I’m not going to go through step by step what you have to do as you can go on the link above which has all. However I will tell you about my personal Pancake making experience, it was fantastic, we both had lots of fun, I took extra care with my special job of melting the butter and added my very special ingredient LOVE!  I also flipped my first ever pancake which was very exciting thanks to some pancake flipping training off Ryan, I covered my pancakes in sugar and Ryan smothered his in all sorts of sweet stuff! Overall making pancakes was a success, very yummy and very fun! X


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