What a classic! Ever since I could read my all time favorite book always has and always will be Leiws Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the looking glass”. I have read this classic many times with each finding myself loving it more, noticing greater adventures and losing myself in wonderland! As delightful as Alice is with her grammar and need to make sense of everything I can’t help but label The Hatter as my favorite character. Thinking impossible things, speaking in riddles and a wonderful hat The Hatter brings a smile to my face!

Even though I already own a copy of this wonderful tale, each time I go to a second hand or charity shop I can’t stop myself from searching the books in hope of finding a dusty, tatty, original copy of my all time favorite read! If you are really silly and have never read this classic then you must read it; although I personally prefer a paper book in my hands rather than a computer screen I am aware that a free download version is available in the Apple App Store!

“If  you knew time as well as I do, You wouldn’t talk about wasting it” – The Hatter  (Page 63)



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