Chinese for two

Last night my lovely friend Naomi treated me to a meal for two at the Chinese! Yummy! I love nothing more than delicious foods with a side order of wine! The Chinese (Royal Phoenix) is located at the end of Oswaldtwistle across from the famous Oswaldtwistle Mills and offers beautiful food! As it was a last minute invite I just […]

What I wore!

The sun has been out to play! Every now and then the sun decides to shine and it’s time to get the legs out, even though I love to wear a pair of shorts regardless to the weather. So today I wore my dearest Levi’s Denim high wasted shorts, if ever in doubt of what to wear I often […]


What a classic! Ever since I could read my all time favorite book always has and always will be Leiws Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the looking glass”. I have read this classic many times with each finding myself loving it more, noticing greater adventures and losing myself in wonderland! As delightful as Alice is […]


Despite living in such a tiny town I still manage to find some form of adventure, earlier today me and Bella went on a walk to one of our favorite places in Oswaldtwistle. Prepared with our Hunters and paws the mud and puddles didn’t slow us down! Not far from my house hidden behind fields […]


Hii! Two of my most beloved items include my violet size 4 Hunters and my small mens Barbour jacket (the farmer within)! Today’s weather was nothing but the norm for around here so I decided to suit up before taking Bella on an adventurer! I received both of these beauties for my birthday last year, an odd choice […]


Hello, I’m Rebekah! I’m a nineties child living in a tiny town in Lancashire. I must apologies now if a certain Bella is mentioned more than necessary but I can’t deny the love for my golden furred doggy!  I am currently on my way to becoming a primary school teacher, who adores music, scrapbooks and vintage fashion. I also live […]