Happy Birthday Blog!


How exciting my little blog is 1 years old today!

I have loved spending my time and effort in making my blog over the past 365 days! (Which has gone very quick) Allowing myself to share bits about my personal style, interest and life. Thank you to everyone who has ever taken the time to have peek at “Dressed in Becka”! I look forward to filling up more pages along with getting feedback plus chatting with other bloggers and readers for the next and hopefully the next!

Thank you, lots of love Rebekah! 



We used to play outside when we were young


These bank holiday’s have been super sunny lately and I am loving it! It’s all about shorts for me this summer, they are comfy, light and allow you to run, jump and skip as much as you like! One of my must have pair of everyday, fun shorts are a simple pair from the H&M basics department for about £6.99, they come in a selection of colours and are fab for the camping season, paired with any top and I mean any you’re ready to go! Another fun item i found in H&M was actually in the kids section but that’s completely fine  was this very cute daisy pattern jelly bag for £3.99 who could say no?! Staying yellow I added my favorite American Apparel spotty scrunchies (£5 in Selfridges) and my yellow converse! 

Any fun plans this summer?!







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Won’t it be strange when we’re all fully grown


It’s true what they say about fashion finding a way of repeating it’s self, being a 90’s child it’s safe to say I am very pleased that the days of jelly shoes, crop tops and hair half up and half day are back! This Topshop black, turtle neck crop top has recently gain first place in my wardrobe, I adore it. It’s super comfy, suitable for any event (I even wore it for work!) and leaves you with an edgy 90’s look which is what this summer is all about! Paired with jeans, skirts and of course a classic pair of Levi’s I just can’t get enough of this look, I need to stock up on this style of top, unfortunately the white version in Topshop all seemed to be covered in foundation 😦 but I am on the look out for more colors and patterns! This is certainly this months must buy especially at £10!

What’s your May must have? X

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Cheek to Cheek


I have never been a pink kind of girl so when it came to blusher it was always something I missed out and went for the glow of a light bronzer instead. However since starting my blog almost a year ago now I have become more aware of the benefits a hit of blush on the cheek can make. So again with be a new comer to the blusher hype I didn’t want to spend too much on something I wasn’t sure of, so after searching a of course reading the reviews I decided to go for a very reasonably priced The Body Shop essential rouge (more pink) blusher at £8! A such a brilliant price for a beginner I would certainly say it’s great value, leaving such a natural hint of colour, the almost choke like power lifts gently onto my make up brush and simply brushes on the cheek bone. I would recommend this product to both first timers and full time blusher fans, as you certainly can not go wrong for £8!



To be honest I never really took myself for a Doc Martens kinda girl as I’m only 4ft 11 I thought they would shorten and widen my little legs, but whilst my boyfriend was trying on a pair in Office I jokingly tried on them on and then…! I was so surprise at how much I enjoyed them once they were on my feet! I went for a classic, glossy red boot, priced at £65 in the sale! The quality of a pair of Doc Martens is wonderful, each pair hand made with freshly cut leather and signature yellow seams created to be so much more than a pair of shoes but an icon;I am shocked I ever doubted the need for a pair. Such an unexpected buy I am still unsure of how to wear them or what to wear them with, so this evening I went for a casual catch up with a friend and I thought why not? I decided to go for a throw back 80’s look, with the high wasted skinnes and a turtle neck! I couldn’t help but make my make up a little heavier to go with the whole “rock” image. 

What’s your most surprising buy ?




Benefit Brow


When it comes to eye brows I have always been pretty useless and have never really been able to master the skill of, shaping and drawing eyebrows so they’ve always been something I’ve left behind and tried to hide. Until! I took a trip into my nearest town center to discover that our petite Debenhams had been transformed with several new wonderful make up counters! How exciting! So whilst I was there I went to our brand new Benefit counter and decided to make a change and get the perfect eyebrow kit and get practicing. I went for the popular brow shaping kit “Brow zings” £23.50 by Benefit. The woman at the counter was wonderful and demonstrated how to use the kit and help select the shade for me. When trying a new product it never hurts to seek advise, I went for the dark to match my eyes and naturally dark eye brows. The kit includes a pair of mini tweezers and 2 mini applying brushes, a deep wax and finishing powder and a mirror to help create those stand out brows.  The women in Debenhams also recommended I headed to the Benefit site which has a step by step guide on how to use the kit if I got stuck; I’m sure I will. So once my first scouse brow was applied I headed out, I was pleased at how well they stayed on, after being in a warm environment for a long period of time and some general eye rubbing the brows still stayed fearless! I am super excited to get experimenting with this new kit! 

Floral Sleeve

This S/S is all about denim, dungarees and pinafores, the school girl and farmer look is what it’s all about! I’ve always loved a classic farmer look as you all know but this season it’s getting a complete make over. Back in February I took one of many trips to the wonderful COW, which as I’ve mentioned in previous post is a vintage clothing & accessories store that sells one of pieces both classic and reworked! They currently have stores in Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham and Nottingham; if you are in or near either of these cities I suggest you go and see what it’s all about. However don’t worry if not they have an online store to www.wearecow.com   !

But anyway as I was saying, during my visit to COW (Sheffield) I couldn’t help but imminently notice the cute, denim dungarees in the window. As soon as I got them on (in the changing rooms) I didn’t want to take the off!


With them being from COW of course I didn’t get to try on different sizes it’s just a case of “if it fits” even though they are a tad too big around the waist it’s nothing a thin belt couldn’t fix! I love the washed out colour of the denim which goes well with all skin tones, and how comfy they are! By changing the style of top, blouse or shirt you wear underneath you can easily go from a casual look to a more made up look, again with the shoes. I think this outfit is going to be great in the summer for BBQ’s and parties!


I decided to add a casual floral Tee and a buckle heel  on this occasion, shorts and heels are a brilliant way to slim out and elongate short legs! (I’m barley 5ft). This very cute floral Tee is also from COW both purchased together as they do go perfectly hand in hand. Overall I am so excited for the nice weather to arrive so I can live in my dungarees however it does make a trip to the bathroom a little difficult but a small price to pay for such a wonderful piece of clothing! This is certainly going to be coming with me to Leeds Festival this year!

Rebekah XX

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To catch the sparkle fading


It’s been a great 2013 so far, none stop weekends with loved ones, traveling to new places and making memories never to be forgotten. This weekend was no exception with a friends birthday to celebrate, all these outings require a new outfit each time (of course) never being one to lack in effort when it comes to that department I simply decided to sparkle. This sparkly blue number has been in my wardrobe since Christmas, it stood out to me in the shop and I had to have it, however it is rather figure hugging and can reveal a girls most unwanted areas therefore I have been waiting for a moment of confidence before taking it out. With it being such a standout piece the dress needed no extravagant accessories to dress it up just a something simple to complete the look, I went for my beloved long chain blue locket.



Tucked in at the waist moving into a classic skater lower half ,with a slightly scooped back and mid length arms, the dress really does expose the figure. However it did make me sparkle on the dance floor!

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When you raise your pencil skirt

As I’ve mentioned in previous post I am currently passing the time with my everyday office job, whilst sitting behind a desk or running around the office it’s important to select your outfit carefully each morning! I aim for something which says I’m professional and ready for work.



Unfortunately this week I seemed to have a thing for black, but it has been cold soo! I seem to be playing it safe in the work space at the moment fitted black dresses and skirts with a natural pastel face. I am really looking to extend my work wardrobe but always get distracted with other items which are simply not what you would wear at work! So my next shopping mission is to find several key pieces which allow my office outfits to stand out! 

Any suggestions?! X  

Homemade Hearts

I know Valentine’s day has been and gone but I was away for the weekend with my other half having the most lovely time as always! Myself and Ryan have always been more of a homemade kind of couple, never been ones for fancy gifts or price tags more crafted, thought and charm. So this romantic holiday was no exception.


I love arts & Crafts despite the fact I have never been great at it, everything is made with lots of love which is obviously the main thing. So my wonderful idea for Valentines was something very simple yet beautiful, I took a trip to my favorite craft department found in the far corner of Oswaldtwistle Mills (the only attraction the village has to offer) and hand picked some lovely paper, I am very weird with my paper I love it almost as much as I love clothes! I also picked up some fancy pens, string and a pack of jumbo playing cards; the playing cards are the main thing! You see my idea was to make a little book from the playing cards entitled “52 Reasons I Love You” I know I’m a sucker for love!


Step 1 – Hole punch each card on one side creating two holes.

Step 2 – Make a list of 52 things you love about them.

Step 3 – Write, print, stamp, however you like the one reason on each card.

Step 4 – Thread the string through the stack of cards and tie in a bow.

Step 5 – Gift wrap and send to your loved one!


I’m very pleased to say that Ryan loved his gift and card (Homemade of course!) I hope everyone had a lovely day wither it was spent with friends, family or that special someone! 

Lots of love! XXX